Existing System Maintenance

In order to get the most out of your photovoltaic system it is recommended to perform routine maintenance. We provide a competitive maintenance service for any existing photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaic systems are a great investment for your home or business. As with any investment it is a good idea to derive as much utility out of your system as possible. We can help you achieve the full potential of your system by providing on demand maintenance as well as passive monitoring support.

System Assessment

It is a commonly held belief that solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance and this belief is justified. For most people their photovoltaic system is a reliable addition to their home or business. But if problems do arise it is good to have a solution. We are capable and willing to assess problems that you may be having with your photovoltaic system regardless of whether or not we installed it. We can also add you to our monitoring system which allows us to alert you when your system needs maintenance.


Once we have assessed your system we will recommend a course of action. In most cases customers notice that their electric bill is higher meaning their photovoltaic system is not performing optimally. Very often this performance loss is due to something called soiling. Dust in the air settles and compounds on solar panels over time. We can solve this problem by cleaning your panels. Another cause of performance loss is damaged or defective solar panels. Fortunately, solar panels have very long manufacturer warranties. We can sort out your warranty with the manufacturers and install the replacement panels. We will restore your system to the level it should be operating at.


If your system has an active warranty any maintenance work we perform is covered. If you are a new customer, or your warranty is expired, we will bill you for the services we provide. We can also transfer you to our photovoltaic monitoring system. This would allow us to spot problems before they made an impact on your electric bill.